Field Support

Sync-Power understands the needs of their customer and desired expectations regarding Cost, Quality, Reliable Services, and Delivery. We believe in “Fulfilling Quality Services at the best Price” Our team has many years of industry experience in support and maintenance of mission-critical sites have vast exposure of preventive maintenance Services, Testing and Commissioning of UPS, Switchgear and ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) We produced an organization unmatched in customer service. Sync-Power service teams can provide 24-hour on-call assistance and 4 hours response time commitment to our customers. We offer on and off the field support for all makes and models of UPS, ATS, Drives.

Switchgears: system integration controls update witness testing and diagnostics repair and overhaul retrofit & redesign.

We provide periodic preventive maintenance of the following :

  • Switchgear
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • UPS / Batteries
  • Inverters
  • Rectifiers / PDU
  • DC Plants

We partner with our resources for Electrical and Engineering Testing services :

  • Distribution Breaker Testing
  • Arc Flash Analysis and Training
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Load Bank Testing
  • Turn-Key Solutions

Integration services :

SCADA Systems: Distributed Architecture, Server Redundancy, LAN Redundancy, Remote Access & Security Enabled. GE-ProficyCimplicity Plant Edition, GE-Proficy Cimplicity Machine Edition, Wonderware, Schneider Power Logic, Eaton-PowerNet Suite, GE-iFix& GE-PMCS

PLC Programming: Ladder Logic, Instruction List, Functional Block Diagram, Nested logic programming & HMI Programming, Data mapping for HMI / SCADA Communications. GE-ProficyCimplicity Machine Edition, Allen Bradley-RS Logix 5000 & Schneider-Concept /ProWorks32.