Engineering Services

Sync-Power Services, Inc. offers Design, Analysis, Product development, Manufacturing and Services in Mechanical / Electrical Domains. Offering a wide range of critical power solution options from design to build or re-build provide with cost-effective solutions for our customers. We offer engineering and documentation support, Project Management and Coordination study. We provide consultancy and technical assistance including site surveys through procurement and system design. We also offer consultancy services in the areas to assist the customer in Architecture Design, Communication Topology, Hardware, and Software Selection.

We work closely with Architects and Consulting Engineers to develop Specification, Drawings, and Bills of Material for Bidding Engineering services offered to Design, Develop, Test and Commissioning of Products, Systems, and Projects.

Engineering Services:

  • Electrical and HVAC Design, Drawings, Bills of Material and Documentation.
  • Custom Product Design, Development, and Testing Services.
  • Electrical and Mechanical systems analysis.
  • New Product Development using Six Sigma Methodology. Prototype building, Testing, & Certification Co-ordination.