Circuit Breakers

Breaker Repair, Maintenance and Retrofit Services. Sync-Power Services offers the most reliable and professional services for any make and model of Breaker retrofit, repair, maintenance and load bank testing.

Our team is available 24/7.We follow most ANSI, NFPA and NEMA standards.

Record, Measure and Calibration of spring tension/mechanism through manual operation of breaker charge, open and close, Verification of trip free operations.

Inspection of close spring gag, Inspection of breaker and breaker cell for clean and debris free.

Our Process

  • Verification and correction for primary contact deterioration.
  • Verification of gum free operation by applying proper grease and oiling moving parts.
  • Electrical operation of breaker for proper sequence of operation. Verify Contacts and Contact gaps.
  • Thermal Imaging and Torque Power Connection. Load Banking to Validate Capacity Test.